PROMETHEUS® IBcause™ Diagnostic Test results are easy to read and designed for simplicity. Everything is provided on 1 page, so you don’t have to sort through pages and pages of data to locate important information.

Once you create an account at PrometheusOnline.com, you will be notified whenever a patient’s test results are posted to your account. IBcause™ test results are always sent to you first, so you can review and share them with your patients.

Color-coded results

All assay results are placed directly above a color-coded reference result, so they are easy to find and you can quickly determine if a result is normal, borderline, or high/abnormal. This may be a time-saver, compared to having to read several different test reports.

Helpful comments

Comments at the conclusion of each section of the report help to streamline results and provide additional information to help you make your diagnosis.

If you ever have any questions about a test result, simply call Prometheus Client Services at 888-423-5227, Option 1.

Condition-specific results for patient consultations

The IBcause™ report is simple enough to be easily shared with patients during an office visit to help explain potential conditions that may be causing persistent diarrhea. Then you can allow patients to access their test results online once they register at the Prometheus Online.

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IBcause. Because you want to know what may be irritating the bowel and causing your patients’ persistent diarrhea.

  All in one. All at once.*

*Assays can also be ordered separately, and all results should be used in combination with other clinical findings.