Prometheus strives to help your patients reduce their remaining out-of-pocket balances for all Prometheus diagnostic tests, whenever possible, including the PROMETHEUS® IBcause™ Diagnostic Test.*

  • We do all we can to help get tests covered
  • We may be able to lower patient’s costs
  • We manage insurance questions or requests for information
  • We help handle the claims process
How it works
  1. You order IBcause™ (or your patient has already completed his/her test).
  2. The patient calls Prometheus at 888-423-5227 to see if she/he may qualify for IBcause™ cost reductions.
  3. The patient receives one-on-one assistance for all of his/her insurance and financial needs.
If insurance approves a patient’s coverage
  • The patient is only responsible for his/her copay, coinsurance, and deductible
  • The patient’s out-of-pocket cost may be further reduced to $250, $175, or $75 if the patient is eligible** for financial assistance through the PROMETHEUS Links Program
If insurance denies a patient’s test coverage***
  • Patient responsibility may be reduced to $250, $175, or $75 based on eligibility criteria established for financial assistance through the Links® program. Your patient MUST contact Prometheus to determine eligibility for a reduction in financial responsibility

*The majority of patients never become responsible for more than $250. Some pay as little as $75.

**Most patients qualify, but some eligibility restrictions apply.

***For IBcause™, denied insurance claim is assessed after the Links appeal process is completed.

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